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What does it cost to join GTGP?

Membership cost for the upcoming season remains the same as in our first 16 seasons. The annual membership fee is $100. This includes a USGA handicap through the Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP). Membership provides you playing privileges for all events, except for any special events that require qualification.

How much do events cost?

Costs vary depending on the course, time of year, day of the week, and other factors. The average event cost is about $80. Unless otherwise noted, GTGP charges the standard course greens fee plus $15 to $18. That covers all club expenses. Roughly from high to low those are weekly prize money, end-of-year trip,  credit card fees, season long prizes, and miscellaneous expenses (charitable, web, trophies, …). Prizes come as credits towards future events.

How do I register for events?

Registration details for each event are posted several weeks before the event on our web site. Once details are posted, you can register and pay for an event in the online store. Payment may be made by credit card, ACH, or check. The deadline for registration is one week prior to the day of the event.

What formats are GTGP events?

Most events are individual low net, however, additional formats are occasionally used. In 2019 we introduced some match play competitions.

What prizes can I win for each event?

At each event, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place low net finishers win credits toward the registration fee for a future GTGP event. The value of the credits is higher for majors. Optional closest-to-the-pin and skins pools are also available at each event.

Is there a minimum number of events that I have to play?

No. You may play in as many or as few events as you like. Of course, playing in more events increases your potential for a top finish in the season long points race and qualifying for any special events.

How are season long awards determined?

Players earn points based on their finish each week. These points are compiled in a season-long race that is used to determine season awards and decide qualifiers for any special events. Point distributions for each event are the same as the PGA Tour’s Fedex Cup system. Major events have the most points.

Do I have to have a USGA handicap?

All members must have a USGA handicap to earn prizes in events. We will provide you with an official USGA handicap (through the Golf Association of Philadelphia) as part of your membership fee. If you do not currently have a USGA handicap prior to joining GTGP, we will ask you for a score history to help establish your handicap.

How do I keep track of my handicap?

We post all players’ scores from GTGP events for you. To be consistent with USGA handicapping policy, members must post all scores from play outside of GTGP, whether those scores are from tournaments or just casual play. All scores must be posted online through the GHIN system.

How good do I have to be?

Our golfers range from low to high handicappers, and include both men and women. There is no specific requirement to join, and all events are net (using handicaps) to encourage fair competition. For competitions, we have a maximum handicap index limit of 36.

What tees do you play?

Members can select their own competition tees.  Though it varies by course, course distances will typically measure 6000 to 6400 yards.  Handicaps are adjusted according to USGA procedures to allow for play at multiple tee selections.  Senior tees are available for players age 60 and over. Women may play the standard women’s tees for the course.

Are there any special rules?

We adhere to the USGA rules of golf for all events. Gimmes and mulligans are not permitted. We also have a few local club rules.

Do you monitor pace of play?

Yes, we strongly feel that a round of golf should be completed in a reasonable amount of time. Members who repeatedly engage in slow play will be warned, given late tee times, and if necessary, penalized.

Can I bring a guest to a GTGP event?

Absolutely! We encourage all members to bring guests to GTGP events. However, guests may play in a maximum of two events prior to joining the club and are not eligible to win event prizes, with the exception of optional closest-to-the-pin and skins pools.

How is GTGP organized?

GTGP is a non-profit organization, with a volunteer Board of Directors managing the events and club activities.

Is there a deadline to join?

No. We accept membership applications at any time.