USGA’s Tournament Management System (New for 2019)

Visit GTGP’s Scoring Central (in the Menu above) which is powered by Golf Genius, the USGA’s Tournament Management System, courtesy of the Golf Association of Philadelphia.

All scoring in 2019 will be done at Scoring Central… Event Results, Winners, Skins, Stats, Season Long Standings… (You can return here to by clicking the top banner at Scoring Central)

However, Event Registrations will be remain here at plus News, Schedule info, Policies, other general information, and so forth.

Day-of-event scoring will be similar to the past.  Except that each group will submit a single signed scorecard at the end of the round. Each player should sign and keep track of their own score too so that they can attest the group scorecard.

Here is a Sample GTGP Scorecard  . …More about GAP associate member benefits / access to Golf Genius, FYI.


One last point.  If you drill down into the data at Scoring Central some of the data is pretty cool and some of it is not set up right or is repetitive, as we are exploring what options are available.