What’s New for 2021

The 2021 Schedule is nearly complete

Our 24 event schedule starts on April 24 at the Links at St. Anne’s.  Then we visit Neshanic Valley on May 1 and Hartefeld National on May 12.  So that’s a good start!  Many perennial favorites will follow. Other featured courses this year are Bluestone, Architects, and Sea View Bay Course.


As usual most events will be individual low net with prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. And FedEx points for all competitors. We will also be holding about four events using the Stableford scoring system. And there will be some concurrent competitions. Honeybrook will have both the individual low net plus a 2 player best ball vs field competition, with prizes for first and second teams. Since there is a low net going on, stroke play rules are always in effect.

Event Registration and Online Payments

Entry into the CTP and Skins pools is just a little different this year: the $5 cost is automatically added to your order. That’s about it.

Tee Boxes

Tee box selection is done at the time of event registration. If you need to change your selection, it’s generally OK to do. There’s more to be said about changing your selection in Local Rules / Club Policies

New Club Policies

None so far. The membership fee of $100 remains unchanged since 2005 and include a USGA handicap through the Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP). The handicap fee used to be charged separately so in effect our fee has gone down if anything.

New Local Rules

None so far. We reworded a few. It’s a good idea to go over our Local Rules before your first round. The way it’s set up is, as a traveling club we always accept the local rules of the host club. Second, we have a few standard GTGP local rules, (e.g. the max score rule). Third, we have some prewritten temporary local rules that we can put into effect when needed (e.g. the lift, clean, and place rule.)

We also kept a placeholder for Covid Rules, especially for bunker situations, in case it’s needed. And there will be times where we may need to submit scorecards via phone or email so that procedure is covered there.

Web Site and Scoring System Updates

We will continue using USGA Tournament Management software.

The World Handicapping System and GHIN Handicapping

WHS is now in its second year. No major changes. GHIN did a system update in January 2021 so members will need to update their profile there if not already done.

GTGP Board

We structured the club a little more formally and identified these committees: 1) Events, 2) Membership, 3) Handicap & Competition, and 4)Golf Genius

Ryder Cup

We will be reviewing all aspects of the Ryder Cup competition early in the year. Feedback from members is welcome.

Updated 3/5/2021.