2022 Tour Schedule Updates

2/26/2022… Here we go! Courses and dates are not finalized for all events. This is about 95% 80% firm. Consider lowercase as not firm and 1 or 2 other dates might change too. Additional updates as they come in, perhaps weekly. Additional Updates. 3/13/2022 …Adding Bulle Rock, McCullough’s, Harbor Pines, Jeffersonville, Turtle Creek, Hartefeld date … Read more

Cobbs Creek Restoration is Ramping Up

We don’t often post about general news from the golf world. The recent updates about the Cobbs Creek restoration project make for a deserving exception. On January 19th the City of Philadelphia announced a Construction Plan and Lease Agreement and $65 million in investment in the project from the Cobbs Creek Foundation. That’s the first … Read more

Final 2021 Results and Wrap Up

Ed Terwilliger wins first place in the season long point race with a solid performance in the Tour Championship rounds. Ken Springer finishes second and Pat Doyle is third. In the Tour Championship Low Net, Ed Bani and George Carnell tied for first in the 2 round event. George also won Round 1 at McCullough’s … Read more

Tee Times and Event Results

Preseason Tee Times Tee times for 2021 preseason Rounds 1 and 2 can be found at https://www.golfgenius.com/ggid/2021preseason. All Tee Times and Event Results When the regular season starts, Tee Times and Results will be found at https://www.golfgenius.com/ggid/gtgp2021. You may want to bookmark the “ggid” urls or you can always click on Scoring Central in the www.golftourphilly.org menu … Read more

2021 Tour Schedule

2/22/2021…18 locations are booked. About 6 to 8 more locations are in the works. Additional Updates. 3/4/2021 … Adding Five Ponds, Foxchase, Vineyards, and Reading. 3/7/21 …. Adding Iron Valley. 3/14/21 …. adding Kimberton. (Go to Menu / Schedule and News / 2021 Tour Schedule for final schedule starting times, FedEx points, majors, etc. ) … Read more

2021 GAP Member Play Day Schedule

Included in a Golf Tour Philly membership is eligibility to play in GAP’s Member Play days. GAP’s 2021 Member Play Day Schedule is now available.* It’s worth a look. There are a lot of great courses listed. The schedule is expanded to 34 courses this year. Registration will start March 1 for the first 7 events … Read more

Winter News

2021 Membership Offer You can now get your 2021 membership in the GTGP store. Right here. New members need to sign up here for a username before they can order the membership. Preseason and Open House plans GTGP’s regular season will kickoff on April 24. Working backwards in time, two preseason events are scheduled for … Read more

2021 Teaser

As the headline says this is just a teaser. But just to let you know we are here and starting to roll with our 2021 planning. Including: 2021 Membership Offer and details Drafting out our 2021 schedule. Your feedback and ideas are welcome. Preseason events and open house events All the best in 2021. Stay … Read more

Golfers Wanted! Open House Events

Don’t give up on your swing just because summer’s over. Golf is still the perfect socially-distanced game in the fall, and the Golf Tour of Greater Philadelphia welcomes all golfers to two casual games during their membership drive this October and November.  Join us on October 31st and November 7th, where guests will get to … Read more

Final 2020 Results

Dave Christoff takes first place in the season long point race thanks to his winning performance in the two round Tour Championship. Matt Miller takes second and Ed Terwilliger third in the overall race. Dan O’Connor wins Round 1 of the Tour Championship.  Dave Christoff wins Round 2 as well as the overall Tour Championship … Read more