Back Creek – Tee Times

Tee times and other info for Round 1

With the GHIN update for April 15 posted, handicaps and tee times for Back Creek are available.

You will find some minor modifications in scorecards, where to find tee times, and how to report scores in 2019.

All Tee Times and Event Results

Tee times and all event results can be found at

Back Creek Tee Times are at

You may want to bookmark the first url above (the one with the “ggid”) or you can always click on Scoring Central in the menu to find tee times and results.

Max Scores

Max scores will not be calculated on the scorecard for you. Max Score is listed as GTGP Local Rule #1 and its 4 over par, net.  Handicapped strokes per hole are indicated on your scorecard. To figure your max score, add 4 strokes to par and add any handicap strokes.   For example,  if you are getting 1 stroke on a par 4, your max score is 9.

Local Rule #1

  1. The maximum net score per hole that may be recorded is 4 over par. Each player’s handicap will be identified on their scorecard for each hole. When a player takes the maximum and does not complete a hole, the player shall place an “x” on the scorecard next to their score for the hole. For example, when a player picks up and has a maximum score of 8, he/she will mark “x8” on the scorecard.    … All Local Rules

Emergency Contacts

You will receive an emergency contact list by email. We recommend copying this list or at least the phone numbers into your phone for emergency needs ( “I’m late”, day-of-event weather issues, …)  TEXTING PREFERRED. There is no way to know in advance which board members are playing at a given event so here is the full list.


Lunch included at Back Creek.

Please arrive 30 minutes before tee time.

Your tee box and handicap are shown on your scorecard.  Collect your scorecard at the GTGP table and give your scorecard to your marker at the first tee.


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