Golfers Wanted! Open House Events

Don’t give up on your swing just because summer’s over. Golf is still the perfect socially-distanced game in the fall, and the Golf Tour of Greater Philadelphia welcomes all golfers to two casual games during their membership drive this October and November. 

Join us on October 31st and November 7th, where guests will get to meet members and play some casual golf and find out more about our league. A Golf Tour Philly representative will be there to welcome you and introduce you to your partners for the day. And of course, we’ll look forward to visiting with you at the 19th hole.

October 31Broad Run Golfers Club, 11am$90
November 7Turtle Creek Golf Course, 1112am$70 ($52 to walk)

More details about these events will be posted as we get further into October.

11/3/20 … Only 2 spots left available for Turtle Creek. Weather is looking great.

11/8/20 …. Well those events went great! Great golf on great golf courses. If you missed these events look for us to run another open house in March or early April 2021. Then our 2021 season will officially begin later in April.

You can use our Event Registration system to sign up for these events. You will need to get a username and password for our website, first. That’s just for the purpose of getting access to our event registration system. There is no commitment.

Go here to get a username and password: Registration

If you are not ready to use our event registration system please just send an email to saying that you are interested in playing in one of the Open House events. Let us know if you have any questions.

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