2020 Reopening

Updated 5/17/2020

Like everything else we are slowly reopening and its pretty clear that our golfers want to do so and keep everyone safe and healthy at the same time. We’ve put together our covid related accommodations in this article.

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GTGP Schedule

  • May 16. We have limited tee times for 10 golfers at Harbor Pines, NJ. This will not be an official competitive GTGP event.
  • May 22. Turtle Creek Golf Course, PA. Event Registration is open! About 20 golfers are already signed up. We have 8 tee times reserved. This should be good.
  • May 30. White Clay Creek, DE. On hold due to the DE stay at home order and travel restrictions for out of staters. We should get an update by May 15. Canceled due to travel rules.
  • May 30, Honeybrook Golf Course. We were able to get 6 tee times on short notice.
  • June 6 Architects, NJ. Stay tuned. With the limited tee time availability in NJ this event is TBD The event is a go. The current rules in NJ is groups are in 2-somes. Walking is allowed but there is no walking rate.
  • June 13, 20, 27. Three events, all in PA. These events are all a go. Reading, Raven’s Claw, Hickory Valley.
  • And on from there….

Status at All Courses in NJ, PA, DE

  • Masks are required to enter pro shop and buildings.  Masks are recommended from the parking lot, and around the clubhouse, until you get onto the course. It’s hard to maintain 6 feet in those areas and it’s also a courtesy to employees who will be required to wear masks at all times.   Once on the course you can use some discretion.
  • Most courses do not want you showing up early.  So do not show up more than 30 minutes before your tee time.
  • Leave the course immediately after your round.
  • No drinking water. No ball washers. No rakes.
  • Be prepared to bring your own water, drinks, and snacks.
  • Some pro shops are open to retail purchases, others are not.  
  • One rider per cart.
  • NJ Opened May 2. 16 minute tee times ordered, 2 players per tee time. So availability of tee times is affecting us.
  • PA Opened May 1. 15 minute tee times recommended, depends on the course. Turtle creek is currently at 16 minutes.
  • DE as of May 8. No out of state golfers given current DE stay at home order through May 15 May 31. Governor “Carney said there would be “interim steps” to reopen the economy between now and June 1.” Not sure what that means yet. 


We’ll operate on a 100% prepay basis and there will be no need for transactions at the course. Any questions regarding payments or balances will be handled away from the course.

Rules of Golf

  • Flagsticks may not be removed.
  • Holes. Local courses that we’ve seen have various setups to keep the ball from falling far into the hole. You can hole out pretty much in rules of golf fashion. If a local rule is needed we will have one at the event.
  • Bunkers. There will be no rakes. We will have a local rule at each course. We may declare all bunkers as ground under repair, or we may declare only “disturbed areas” as GUR and you take relief inside the bunker.
  • Scores will be posted to USGA for handicapping
  • Questions/disputes can be handled by a phone call to the scorekeeper who will resolve it, and will involve the scoring committee as needed. Our standard policy is “If there is a question over a ruling, and a player is in doubt as to how to proceed he should ask for his fellow competitors to resolve. If an issue remains unresolved the player may play two balls to complete the hole as per Rule 20.1c(3). A ruling will be provided at the scoring table.” Try to resolve any issues with your fellow competitors.


There will be no scoring table or post round gatherings.

  • Players will text or email a good quality photo of their signed scorecard to the scorekeeper for that event. Front and back nine photos are suggested. Do this before leaving the course. The scorekeeper’s text and email info will be on your scorecard.
  • To attest your competitor’s score, send the scorekeeper a text or email reporting his gross score.
  • You don’t have to physically sign your competitor’s scorecard if you don’t want to.

Other Resources

Golf Association of Philadephia’s guidelines to a safe reopening.

USGA’s COVID-19 Rules and Handicapping FAQs and guidance statement.

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