CoVid Delay

April 28 Update

We have opened registration for the event at Turtle Creek on May 22 based on Governor Wolf’s announcement that golf may reopen in PA on May 1. We are still in the process of coordinating with the courses and getting guidance from GAP about how to social distance on the course and so forth. We are adjusting our payment and scorekeeping processes so that those activities happen away from the course. Players will be getting lots of information mostly by email.

March 30

We are suspending the start of the 2020 tour schedule. We’re going to talk a little bit about how we will resume our golf but anything we say is said while knowing that these are secondary issues (and subject to change). Everyone’s health and safety comes first.

We believe we can resume play with about 2 weeks notice. We will be ready to go ASAP once it is prudent to do so. We will let you know and plan to reach out every two weeks or so.

In the meantime we are wondering how everyone is doing and whether you have anything to share with the board or the entire league.

Thank you and stay safe.


Here’s some more as to what we know and are planning for if you want additional info.

Did you know…. If you want to share something you can comment at the bottom of the page of any news post, such as this one, or start your own post. It will appear in the news section. To start a post go here or to the dashboard. We really have not gotten much feedback from the membership so far. No news is good news. We take that as a positive sign that you all are coping with the situation and are very ready for golf once life gets back to some kind of normal. Please keep us informed. We would like to hear more from you.


Two weeks ought to be enough time for us to organize an event and for players to plan and prepare on their end. It will certainly be dependent on world news, government stay-at-home and travel rules, and course situations.

COVID-19 Rules and Handicapping FAQs

Above is a link to the USGA’s page providing guidance on how rules of golf work under CoVid social distancing situations. They are comprehensive; we may not have to deal with all the situations that USGA covers. Its too early to tell exactly what circumstance we will be playing under. It will depend in part on the local rules of the course. From talking to the courses so far it seems likely that bunker rakes will be removed and there might be raised cups or inverted cups. We will have to decide how that affects what we do from a standpoint of competitive play and with regard to posting scores for handicapping (separate questions). We will also be considering what GTGP wants to do in terms of scorecards. There again, the USGA page has recommendations for exchanging scorecards during and after the round.

Other Course and GTGP Policies for social distancing

The courses we’ve been in contact with are looking at spreading out tee times, single cart use, limited food and beverage, no balls washers, etc. Once we know where our first event will be we will get that info to you. And of course the social distancing that you do in daily life will apply to what you do on the course.

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