GTGP 2019 Match Play Series

The GTGP 2019 Match Play Series determines an overall match play champion after five round robin events.

You don’t have to play in every event in the Series, but your chances of overall victory increase the more often you play.

**In addition to this Match Play Series, every GTGP event will still have the usual Individual Low Net Stroke Play competition, with all the typical prizes and points.

It is imperative to play stroke play rules of golf throughout:

  • No mulligans;
  • No gimmies;
  • No concessions;
  • Putt everything out.

You have a chance to play up to 10 different opponents in the Series.

You’ll have 2 matches per event, each 9 holes.

A point is awarded for each hole, so every hole counts.

We will count total holes won. No points for a Match Won, just for Holes Won.

Typical scores will be 5-4 or 5.5–3.5 or something that adds up to 9 total points awarded per match.

Match play rules

You earn points by hole. 1 point for a hole won. 0.5 points for a half.

So if you won every hole, you get 18 points, and if you halved every hole your score would be 9 points.

You will play one competitor in your foursome for the front 9, and then play another competitor on the back 9.

(We want to do 6/6/6, playing everyone in the group 6 holes each, but are waiting for software to support that.)

We’ll keep a running yearly total of each competitor’s event points, and after the five events, an overall winner will be crowned for the Series.

You may want to keep track of your matches as you play them, but it is not necessary. Don’t report match play results to the scorekeeper. Just report your stroke play scorecard, and the scoring system will figure all match play results.


When you compare to a set Ryder Cup field or a to weekly 9-hole match play league where you are expected to show up every week, it’s pretty tough to come up with a match play system that works for events like GTGP where attendance is not mandatory.

And so that’s why every event will still have the Individual Low Net stroke play competition with all the regular prizes and points. We just want to think of match play as an add-on to that. Let’s see how it goes.

There is a mockup of the scoring in our scoring test environment, Round 1.


Golf genius has a couple options for dealing with threesomes the make this plan possible. If there is a threesome one of the players will play against a “blind.” The blind can be another person in the group, another golfer in another group, or you can play against net par. We are still considering options so any feedback is welcome. For example:

  • A plays B front nine. C plays against A (acting as a blind) front nine
  • B plays C back nine. A plays against C (acting as a blind) back nine
  • Blinds get no points

A question came up what if someone really doesn’t want to participate in match play. That would create a 3-some too in terms of match play. Could also happen if there are guests. We could allow a guest could act as the blind if they have a handicap.

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