Proposed New Policies

A list of local rules to adopt

1. Stroke and Distance.  The new OB and Lost Ball rule is a local rule so it doesn’t apply unless the course we play has adopted it or if GTGP adopts it.  Proposed that we adopt the new USGA Stroke and Distance rule as a GTGP local rule.  This has been written into the local rules.

2. Max score.  Our  preprinted scorecards will look a little different this year but the max score rule does not change.  Max Score is net 4 over par.  Strokes given on each hole will be shown on your scorecard. Again, there is a new USGA rule to deal with this.–form-of-stroke-play.html.

3.  If a par 4 or 5 hole is cart path only, lift, clean and place rules apply on that hole.

We are doing a further review of the local rules as the new USGA rules affect some of our old local rules.  But if there are needed changes, please let us know.

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