Scoring Settings for 2019

These are some of our chosen scoring settings.

most important: tie breaking and adjusting handicaps for multiple tee-boxes

Tournament and Scoring

  • Select a default tie breaking method
    You can always override this setting when creating a new tournament.

Handicaps.  (GAP recommended 

Select the course handicap adjustments when playing on multiple tees

The USGA Handicap System rules specify that a player’s course handicap is computed based on the slope and rating of the tee being played. Additionally, it is required that Section 3-5 is applied so that proper adjustments can be made to account for the difference in course ratings on the different tees being played.

Choose how would you like to round course handicaps when applying handicap allowances (percentages)
The USGA recommends rounding up.

Rounds and Scheduling

Optimize pairings so that total Handicap Index of pairing groups are as equal as possible.

Choose the pairing order for Automatic Scheduling
Note: tee times can be adjusted at any time in Edit Existing Pairings.


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